Is ‘Green Lantern’ Worth The Movie Ticket?

Green Lantern is in theaters today and you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth your time or not. 

Pro: It’s a good sci-fi flick created by Hollywood for the general movie goer.  It was visually stunning and the storline, albeit typical, was still that inspirational gobeldy gook that the masses love. You know how that goes, man doubts himself then finds inner strength, becomes a hero and gets the girl.

Con: If you are a Green Lantern comic book stan and you know all the colors of the power rings in the multverse then you will find reason to pick the plot apart. We admittedly aren’t too familiar with Green Lantern at VIBE but we do know that one major difference between the movie and the comic book is that in the movie, Parallax is a Guardian who tried to harness the yellow energy to make the Lanterns more powerful. He underestimated the fear energy and possessed by it, which created Parallax. Sinestro followed in his footsteps and decided to use the yellow power ring which was created by the Guardians in the movie, to fight fear with fear. Lastly, do not get excited by the appearance of Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett) because it’s more like a cameo, so you won’t see her up to any mischief. In short, if you understood that nerd speak then we say to you: Watch Green Lantern with your mind and not your comic book loving heart.

P.S. Ryan Reynolds looks absolutely delicious!