Gunplay Talks New Business Ventures, Drugs & Not Needing Rehab [PG.2]

Is your upcoming solo project still titled Kill Switch?

Absolutely, Kill Switch. That’s just deadening all the bulls**t out here, all that dead weight, just killswitching it. Cutting that sh*t out off, don’t nobody wanna hear that wack s**t.  Cut all that s**t off, killswitch n**ga!

So when you say this wack sh**t out here, who are talking about?

You’re not going to trick me with this one!

[Laughs] Ok well, who are you feeling?

I’m feeling Maybach Music. I’m feeling everything Maybach Music is doing. Everybody else, honestly, I don’t even see em’. If it ain’t Maybach, that s**t wack. Ask the streets.

Are you still going to take the gangsta music approach on this project?

Hell yeah! I’m not going to do nothing different. The difference between me and everybody else, is that I can do what I want and say what I want. And I don’t care and people love that about me. And they know I don’t hlde my tongue. I like to have fun and wild the f**k out. So that’s my approach.  I’m not going to sit there and do something I’m not. I’m not going to sit there and serenade to the hoes and all that, and try to go radio. Nah, radio betta try to go me! I ain’t never conform to the system and I never will. If that was the case I woulda cut my hair a long time ago and did a bunch of booty shaking songs and stuff like that just to get on. I do what I want, if it takes me a little longer, cool, as long as I get in I can sleep at night and say “I am being somebody who I am, not somebody I’m not.” So I’ma take that gangsta approach, cuz nobody do it like me when it comes to that gangster s**t and this music s**t.

Can we expect any production from Lex Luger, he’s running with that particular sound right now.?

Yeah. Shoutout little Lodi, shoutout Lex Luger, but there’s some other up and coming producers that’s got some real heat and they’re young and hungry too. They’ve been studying the sounds of Lex Luger and the sounds of Maybach Music and they’re perfecting it. It’s a couple producers that’s up and coming that’s really going to be making some noise this year. You’re going to hear them on my mixtape that drops Memorial Day weekend called Off Safety. You’re gonna hear a couple of the producers work on there. It’s going to be a real hot mixtape.

How are the features looking on Kill Switch and Off Safety?

I got Gudda Gudda on there and Trina on there. I don’t know if I’m going to release that Trina record yet, because it’s a hit.  I got this record with Cam [Cam’ron] I’m waiting to get back. I got one with Meek Mill I’m about to do today. That s**t is crazy. You’re gonna see about me.

I hear you have a magazine called Apples & Onions. Is that true?

Absolutely. One of my favorite things in life is women, so I figured I love music and I love women, so let me just do what I do best. Make good music and have fun with a bunch of women. So we came up with this idea to start it off as a magazine or an escort service and let’s call it Apples & Onions. I have to handpick every single girl and they’re going to be from all across the United States, it’s going to be a very upscale, elite clientele. Hopefully that’ll spawn off into my porn company, Born Porn. So Apples & Onions, Born Porn, Bilderberg Group, the music.

So you seem to have a lot going for you. How do you balance business with the partying, alcohol, smoking, etc ? There’s a video of you on Worldstar taking in what appears to be cocaine…

I do drugs, I don’t let drugs do me so I always had a handle on it. It was just when I was ready to stop messing with certain things, it got blown up. No drugs, no b****es can f**k my business up. Once it starts interfering with my business and I saw it taking a toll on my health, my attitude, my outlook on life, I just said “I’m tired of this s**t “and I just quit it altogether. Cold turkey. No rehab, no re — yeah I did relapse because I went to Colombia for Christ sakes, damn [Laughs]. I went over then and I relapsed. I said I was gonna relapse, I did it and I came back over here and I haven’t touched it since. And I don’t plan on touching it.

I mean, you see people on these TV shows they need rehab and you said you did it cold turkey.

People are stupid. The average person is really in their mind is really a baby, they need help. The f**k you need help for? They need people to counsel them and baby them. “Ohh, it’s going ot be ok.” Man f**k that s**t! Don’t put that s**t up your nose n***a! It’s simple. People crazy out here, dumb. For me, I woke up one morning and said I’m tired of this s**t. Tired of my nose bleeding, tired of my skin looking crazy, I’m tired, I’m cranky. It was f***ng up my life.

So when did you officially stop?

I officially stopped Memorial Weekend 2008. That’s when I quit. I relapsed in 2009, when I went over there to Colombia.

I guess we keep everything strictly herbal right now?

Weed ain’t never did s**t man. Ain’t never did nothing. They do say that s**t is a gateway drug. Weed [laughs]. They ain’t never lied boy.

Is there anything else you have going on?

Besides Color Cut Clarity, Self Made dropping May 23, look out for my single “Rollin” with Waka Flocka. Look out for Apples & Onions coming. Look out for Bilderberg Group, definitely. And Color, Cut & Clarity, the sophomore Triple C’s album is on the way, powered by the Boss.

Last words for hip-hop?

Well, mama said if you ain’t got nothing good to say, don’t say shit at all. So no f**king comment! [Laughs]