Her Highness? Spectators Weigh In On Beyoncé Calling Herself ‘King B’

Beyoncé - King BEarlier this week, Beyoncé released the cover art for her new single, “Best I Never Had” featuring a new promo photo. In the picture, she stands in a bathroom looking at herself while writing “King B” on the mirror. It was apparent that it was all a part of Beyonce’s ‘Girls Run The World’ campaign and theme of ‘female empowerment’ that she has been pushing with the new album, however her use of “King B” has sparked mixed reactions.

Video director Vashtie tweeted yesterday, “It’s so entertaining that broads are referring to themselves as ‘KING…’ now. it’s cute…” without elaborating furthering on the subject.

Streetz, a writer for the popular site SingleBlackMale.org, weighed in on his thoughts of Beyonce’s “King” reference by saying,

As a male, my feelings on Beyonce’s King reference is indifferent, as I see it purely a marketing gimmick; I didn’t take offense, nor was I taken aback. I think its an interesting concept and it’s part of her women empowerment groove she’s been on this go around. I do wonder how Jay-Z feels about it though…

While Dr. J added,

I’m always confused by Beyonce these days because it’s obvious that she’s got some gender issues going on. I can’t say it’s limited to just her. But I wonder why she feels the need to be a King and not a Queen. (I hope it has nothing to do with Lil’ Kim). I just think there’s a “feminist” movement going on out of her camp, and it’s awkward. I don’t think men or women have ever had problems with Beyonce, I don’t think we’ve ever said anything about her success or fame was attributed to nothing but talent and hardwork. I think she’s trying to break down gender roles, but the question is what led her to this?

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