Katt Williams Arrested… Again

Yet again, actor and comedian Katt Williams has been arrested. This time not for disturbance at Walmart or breaking and entering charges—he’s sending others to do his dirty work—Katt was arrested for his “lack of” participation in the assault of a tractor driver.

According to TMZ, a man who was doing tractor work on a Palmdale, CA residency where Katt was staying, claims that three women approached his tractor and began attacking him with rocks around 4:30 Saturday afternoon. 
The man who suffered minor facial injuries during the attack, called his wife to pick him up. Upon her arrival, Katt parked his SUV in front of their vehicle preventing the couple from leaving.

The man then called 911, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. quickly responded to the scene and arrested the three women for assault with a deadly weapon. Katt was also arrested and booked for felony charges of intimidating a witness. Bail was set at $50,000. Williams was released later that night.

After the incident Williams tweeted, “if you admit to crimes on social networks or post evidence #youdumbashell.”

Apparently, #youdumbashell Kat because you just got charged with yet another felon. Will you ever learn your lesson? —Noelle Lattimore