Kid Fury’s Blog: Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ Video Wins

Our dear red-headed gyal, Rihanna (or Curry Goat, as I like to call her), released her latest music video for “Man Down” just a few days ago, and of course some people are pissed off about the content. Rih-Rih traveled to the beautiful island of Jamaica to tell the tale of a young woman finding revenge through murder after she is sexually assaulted outside of a sickening dancehall function.

The Loud singer received lots of praise for the new video, until The Parents Television Council shot off a few rounds of their own, calling her acts a “cold, calculated execution of murder.” They also stated that Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown (a.k.a. Yellow Cake) would have been castrated and saturated if he ever shot a woman in a music video. True tea. 

Personally, I adore the song and the video. As much as I shade Rihanna’s vocals, hair color and forehead, I really enjoy her artistry. With me being a part of the Jamaican massive (GUNSHOT!), she always reels me in with the reggae/dancehall tunes. So “Man Down” has had me slow-bopping and raising my finger pistols in the air for a while now.

I actually think this could be her finest music video to date. Rihanna has a great way of convey believable emotion in her videos. She seemed at home on the island, although I don’t know why she couldn’t shoot it in her own damn country. I trusted that she knew the townspeople she interacted with, and I could feel the hurt and fear as she was being attacked. 

With this girl already being a public figure of abuse, I find it brave and admirable of her to place herself in this role and become a frame of vengeance for women who are truly experiencing these things. It doesn’t seem like a message to kill someone who’s hurt you, and hopefully no men are shot over late child support payments this year. I felt it to be a statement of bittersweet justice. I commend you, Rihanna. I’m still going to shade the hell out of your ass, but you worked this video out!

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