Lil’ Kim Skips The BET Awards, instead Attends NYC’s Gay Pride Parade

Rumors have circulated for weeks about a possible reconciliation between rappers Lil Kim and Nicki MInaj on the BET Awards. However contrary to rumors, the Queen B didn’t show up to the event, Tweeting to her followers in advance:

“I will Absolutely not be at the EBT awards Sunday. I will be on a float at the gay pride parade with my Queens in NYC and then at LQ performing.”

Lil Kim’s reasoning for not attending the event was simply because she had better things to do. However, it is speculated that Kim is tight about her “non-existent” nomination for Best Female Hip Hop artist. Other BET nominees for Best Female Hip Hop Artists included Nicki Minaj, Diamond, Master P’s daughter Cymphonique, and Lola Monroe.

Instead of wasting her precious time in LA, Lil Kim was spotted at NYC’s Gay Pride Parade. Good for you, Kim, stick it to the man. Well Kim, we feel for you girl…can’t wait to hear some new music. If all else fails, there’s always next year. 

-Noelle Lattimore