Lil Mama Drops New Single With Snoop Dogg; Says He Refers To Her As His ‘Little Daughter’

Not long after speaking with VIBE, Lil Mama hits us with a new single featuring her big brother Snoop Dogg.  Can this track revive her career?

New Music: Lil Mama feat. Snoop Dogg ‘NY NY LA LA’

Lil Mama on working with Snoop Dogg:

I bumped heads with Snoop, not in the negative sense, but I mean we “met up” on the set of Dogg After Dark, in a club out in LA doing appearances, or movie premieres, just always running into Snoop and he always embraced me. He always called me the lil homie. He would always say, “Lil Mama my kids love you.”

I guess from the love and his family just watching me on TV and receiving my presence, we were able to build an authentic relationship where he was like “That’s like my little daughter.” Snoop was like “We got to get a record together.” After he got on the record he definitely embraced me and co-signed me and let it be known that he’s behind me and that I’ve been through a few things, but he’s been through a few things, too, and that’s just life and he’s like “I’m back with lil mama.”

I just love that fact that I can go through ups and downs and still have a veteran to stand behind me to say “It’s okay baby keep doing your thing.”