Lil Wayne & Birdman Sued Three Times In One Week

Strike 1: On June 9, Play-n-Skillz sued Weezy for $1-million over unpaid royalties related to the song “Got Money” from Tha Carter III album. 

Strike 2: On June 3, Producer David Kirkwood sued Weezy for $1.5 million over unpaid royalties as well, from Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment.

Strike 3: Bridgeport Music filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Cash Money Records on Friday (June 10).  The music company says Birdman illegally sampled the song, “You and Your Folk, Me and My Folks” by Funkadelic, in his “Army Gunz” song featured on his 2006 album, “Like Father, Like Son,” according to 

Three stikes and you’re out of here. 

For a team that bases their name off of the amount of money they have, one would assume it’d be easy for them to pay up. Maybe they’ve been too busy betting on the NBA Finals. Birdman has another payment due soon (he Tweeted that he’d put $2-million on the Miami Heat winning the NBA Championship). Welp, they lost. #cmonson.  Aliya Faust