Lil Wayne Rocks Through ‘6 Ft 7Ft’ And Tupac’s ‘Hail Mary’ On MTV’s Unplugged

Lil Wayne’s hits are getting the full-band treatment on “MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged,” which is set to air on Sunday (June 12) at 9PM. The MC ran through his past hits, as well as new tracks from the upcoming ‘Tha Carter IV,’ which is now set to drop in August, for the special.

Weezy fans will also get to see the MC tackle Tupac’s “Hail Mary.” “It’s just something about ‘Pac and I,” Wayne said when explaning why he chose to cover the ‘Makaveli’ track. “I picked that second verse, ‘Penitentiaries is packed with promise makers,’ and I was like, ‘That whole verse is just perfect — they never realized the precious time that they wasting.’”

Check out a sneak peak of Wayne’s Unplugged below.

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