Look At Me Now: Young Buck Facing Jail Time

Sources say former G-Unit member Young Buck failed to report two traffic tickets issued in Georgia and Indiana. The rapper could be facing jail time if he doesn’t cooperate with the U.S. Probation Office. 

According to BET News, the Tennessee native was traveling with a group of people who sped away in a second vehicle and avoided arrest in Indiana during the ticketing. The rapper claims he was “traveling with people allegedly for purposes of business, but did not know their identities.”

If he doesn’t provide the probation office with more information, he could go to jail in the coming months.

Young Buck is already on the law’s bad side. He was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun and ammunition in March 2011 and is currently free on a $100,000 bond that allows him to travel for business purposes.Aliya Faust

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