Lose Some, Win Some: Bobby Brown Says ‘Chris Brown Deserves A Fair Shake’

What goes down, must come up.


- Being in business with friends is difficult. With New Edition, everybody was arguing with me because I was pumping and grinding and that wasn’t suitable for a bubblegum act. We were doing a concert, and they cut my time. So I threw the mic in the air, and it hit Michael Bivins. From there, it was just fights.

- You have to have a certain amount of originality. Never forget where you come from, because once you do you can’t go back.

- Seeing [Whitney Houston bash me on Oprah] was terrible, but I’m not one to talk about anybody. I can’t hide from what I’ve been through, and I wish other people couldn’t either.

- Somebody set my daughter Bobbi Kristina up. She doesn’tget high. Her ex-boyfriend put the photos out [of her allegedly sniffing cocaine]. She told me they were out of context and she was playing around. Of course, that’s your baby; you gotta find out.

- Cooking is a passion of mine. My best dish is fried chicken, but I don’t make it as much no more ’cause I’m trying to steer away from fried foods and be healthy. At 42, you gotta watch what you eat.


+ My mom never treated me like I was something special. She’ll still make me do the dishes and clean up. I was on punishment a lot and that’s how I learned to cook, sitting in the kitchen with her. Because of her, I never got a swollen head.

+ New Edition, we’re really working hard at our friendship. We talk three times a week, especially on Sundays. It’s extremely honest. To know that I have five big brothers, other than my brother Tommy. I’m just grateful that I got my friends back.

+ Chris Brown deserves a fair shake. He’s a talented young man who made a mistake. He’s one of the greatest out right now. The boy’s voice is impeccable, and the way he moves—I’m just proud that he’s part of my community.

+ My fiancée, Alicia Etheridge, is a down-ass chick. I needed someone to talk to, to get over my shit. We’ve known each other for 17 years—she was even at my wedding [to Whitney]. During my divorce, she returned to my life and we clicked.

+ If it’s entertainment, you’re going to see Bobby Brown doing it—a few movies, another reality show. I’m not saying I’m the best, but I would advise other entertainers to follow me onstage, because I’m just good at it. — As told to Hillary Crosley