Massive Attack! Is Nike Encouraging Pill-Popping Animals With New ‘DOPE’ Line?

Boston mayor Thomas Menino is up in arms about Nike’s new line of men’s t-shirts that seemingly doubles in meaning and promotes drug use. With slogans like “DOPE” and “GET HIGH” splayed across the tees, consumers can’t help but wonder if Nike’s reach to influence Gen-Y and younger is a bit too suggestive.

Ahem, can we be worried about something else here, people? I’m sure other things rather than what kids are wearing needs some addressing. Great style in the fashion of marketing, much like music, is dedicated to pushing the envelope. To have such a message like “DOPE” pronouncely planted next to a bottle of pills demands attention. From there, the debate can ensue. I highly (no pun intended) doubt the forces at Nike thought, “Hey, let’s get these kids to start doing drugs.” Oh, no. They were thinking that with the influential vernacular and influence of pop culture can sell shirts to the ones who live it.

Menino’s desire to attack such a brilliant campaign that supports “performance at the highest level of their sport, be it surfing, skateboarding or BMX” is ridiculous. Clearly, the generation gap is still vast.

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