Mike Tyson And Spike Lee Producing ‘Entourage’ Inspired HBO Drama

Spike Lee, Mike Tyson and Entourage creator Doug Ellin are producing a drama series for HBO, loosely inspired by aspects of Tyson’s childhood. The series, entitled Da Brick, is described as a contemporary exploration of what it means to be a young, Black man in supposedly post-racial America. The show is set in current-day Newark, NJ, which is also known as “Brick City.”


It was actually Tyson’s idea. Tyson told Ellin that he wanted to do something similar to what Mark Wahlberg did with Entourage (which is loosely based on Wahberg’s early Hollywood years).


The lead is currently being scouted. Ideally they want a black male actor who also has some boxing chops.

As far as the lead, we’re thinking about Quinton Aaron (from The Blind Side). We don’t know wether he can box or not but visually and acting skill wise, he could probably do it. Plus, he can learn how to box later.

Who would you cast?

Props to Deadline.