Missy Elliott Explains How Health Battle Held Her From Work: ‘I Couldn’t Even Use A Pen’

Where are you Missy? It’s been years since we’ve felt Missy’s irreplaceable presence in the music industry. But we finally have an answer for her absence.

According to Brad Abramson, executive producer for Missy’s VH1 Behind the Music (premiering June 29) the visionary suffered from painful health problems. “Missy was great and very candid. She talked for the first time about her [near fatal bout with] Graves disease, which she’s been battling for the last few years, and spoke in detail about the sexual abuse she experienced as a child.”

Missy opened up about her fight with the autoimmune disease even more saying: “You live with it the rest of your life. I couldn’t write because my nervous system was so bad. I couldn’t even use a pen.”

Despite her health woes however, Missy promises she’s back in the studio with Timbaland. Ready when you are Miss. 

Props → Perez Hilton