Ne-Yo On Why He’s Done With Pop&B & Debuting His Bad Boy Side (Pg. 2)

As long as it’s not a Euro-Pop album…
I’m glad that R&B is slowly making its way back, because everybody is on the pop thing right now. I shit you not when I tell you I was done with dance music before Pitbull called me and said, “Yo, do this record with me.” I did it because that’s my nigga. But here’s the thing: dance music will never die. Anywhere else on the planet, that’s what’s going on. I don’t know what it is about America, but we have a tendency to take something that’s genuine and turn it into this commercialized, processed shit. That’s what’s going on with the dance craze. People are reproducing it in mass production and now it’s a fucking burger. I take partial responsibility for that and I understand I had an audience that liked to hear me on that type of stuff. Right now my current struggle is trying to find the new that. I can do the dance thing, but I have to find the new version. I feel like I’ve found a slight crack in the door.

Could that be rapping?
Well I have [rapped on a record before]. There was a little piece on the beginning on “One in a Million,” which I honestly don’t even know if I would call it rap; it was just something that felt good right there. There’s the “A Millie” freestyle I did a little while back, too. If you can do it and deliver it, then do it. What Chris [Brown] is doing, it’s not like it sounds like an R&B nigga trying to rap; he actually sounds good on the joint. Why put yourself in a box? It’s the same thing for rappers that want to try to sing. If you can do it and naturally sound good doing it, then, shit, do it. That’s what music is supposed to be anyway. There aren’t supposed to be any rules to the shit.

True. Lastly, chime in on this debate: Is Beyoncé is the Michael Jackson of our generation?
Anybody trying to be the Michael Jackson of any period, it’s a losing battle. It’s not going to happen. There will only be one Michael Jackson. However, Beyoncé is definitely carving out her own place in history. So as opposed to her being the Michael Jackson of our generation, I feel like she’s trying to be the Beyoncé of our generation—whatever that may mean. “Michael Jackson of our Generation,” blah, forget that. We’re trying to carve out new spots in history. Michael Jackson was trying to be Michael Jackson. I feel like Beyoncé is trying to be Beyoncé, so that at some point in time somebody will put her name up next to Michael Jackson’s. I ain’t mad at her for that.

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