Odd Future Says Nas Collaboration Is In The Works

While everyone is familiar with Odd Future front-man Tyler, the Creator, the other members in group are vital and just as active, including next up on the clan’s roster, duo MellowHype, made up of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain. MellowHype’s highly praised 2010 release, BlackenedWhite is categorized as on the strong releases from the camp catalogue, which will be mastered for re-released July 12 via Fat Possum.

Pitchfork caught up with the MellowHype rapper for, of course, an interesting conversational interview, which included deets on MellowHype and Hodgy’s solo album, Odd Future’s collaboration with Nas and more on the mysterious whereabouts of Earl Sweatshirt.

“The song is almost finished. We’re just waiting on a verse,” explains Hodgy in reference to the Nas collaboration. “It will be Frank Ocean, Tyler, Hodgy Beats, and Nas. I’m just stoked to be on a song with him. I know I’ll meet him eventually.”

Oh, and regarding missing-in-action, lost member Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy had this to say: “F**k everybody. You can suck my d**k. If we can’t get in contact with Earl, you definitely can’t. He will come back when he’s ready, if he ever will be ready again. I haven’t spoken to Earl in a while. But everyone that’s digging for no reason, you’re just beating a dead horse. It’s dead.”

Hodgy says the duo has “been cutting a bunch of songs” for their next project, Numbers. Hodgy also says he’ll be releasing a solo album titled Damien.

“I believe it’ll be me rapping over mainly Tyler, the Creator’s beats. I don’t rap on Tyler’s beats a lot, unless it’s for his album. That album will be very ignorant,” said Hodgy.—Shabazz