Odd Future Vs. Chris Brown: Round 2 (The Frank Ocean Edition)

In today’s musical landscape, everyone is on the same stage, thanks to Twitter.

Artists who have yet to earn their stripes can now interact with someone on the level of Diddy and vice versa. However, this accessibility has also caused a number of online beefs or Tweefs as we like to call them. This past Friday, another war of digital words started between under dog singer Frank Ocean and mainstream super star Chris Brown. Going back to the beginning of the month, Breezy already traded disses with Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator.

However, one questionable comment from C. Breezy sparked a whole other chain of events.


At one point, even Game tried to intervene. After the war of the words on Twitter, things seemed to die down. But it was clear that Odd Future wasn’t done addressing Breezy during their show at the House of Blues on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Tyler took a few shots of his own, “He’s a loser” and “He beats up women, he’s a b****” as the crowd chanted “F*** Chris Brown”. Watch it go down below.