Open Discussion: Is Homosexuality A Choice?

Tracy Morgan recently had a foot in the mouth moment (think along the lines of Michael Richards’ N-word rant) during a stand up routine in Nashville last week, and people are not amused.

Morgan is said to have stated that homosexuality is a choice and then followed that up with statements about how he’d stab his son if he whined about being bullied, how lesbians are only pretending because they really hate men, and how Obama should “man up” and stop standing up for gay kids. (Via Queerty)

This isn’t the first time Morgan has made comments like that. However, is it fair to tell someone who is gay that it’s the life they chose? Why would anyone choose a life that could potentially be so stressful and sometimes dangerous? Gay people face discrimination, verbal and physical harassment every day. If homosexuality were indeed a choice, wouldn’t gay people choose to conform with what society considers normal in order to preserve their safety and sanity?

What are your thoughts? Is Tracy right or wrong? Was his routine tasteless?