Puff Puff Pass: Kreayshawn Says She Caught The High Of A Lifetime Working With Snoop Dogg


The buzz surrounding Oakland’s latest rap hype Kreayshawn has landed her in the right places with the right people, apparently at the right time. Since her viral video “Gucci Gucci” skipped over the million views mark, everyone in the hip-hop community has been trying to get in touch with the 21-year-old white female rapper.

In an interview with VIBE.com, Kreayshawn talked about the sudden fame and how it’s landed her in a number of unforgettable moments with the rich and famous, including Snopp Dogg.

“I’ve hung out with a couple of different celebrities. Me and my sister V-Nasty made a song with Snoop Dogg,” she told VIBE.com. “We’re just hanging out right now. It’s only been 3 weeks since the intense, life changing s**t.

“It was a studio kickback session. Me and V-Nasty made a song together. It’s like, when you’re in the studio, it’s like ‘yeah, we’re going to make a song,’ but then when you listen to the song after it’s like ‘oh s**t! It’s Snoop Dogg on my song.”

The Oakland female rapper doesn’t hide her love for the green leafit’s evident in her video, “Gucci Gucci”, Tumblr and of course, her Twitter. She told us about her recent experience of puff-puff-passing with the OG rapper.

“We definitely medicated ourselves. He smokes a lot more than I’m used to smoking. It was definitely an experience. I left there and I’m like ‘whoa what I am doing with my life? I was paranoid was I’m never paranoid from smoking weed. I was too high!’ [Laughs],” explained Kreayshawn.

Look out for the full interview dropping this Monday! — Shabazz