Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Gets Yanked From YouTube

This is a hot mess. But the awesomely bad music video was yanked from YouTube admid a dispute over rights to the song and 13-year-old Black’s image.

“We can confirm that we submitted a Take Down Notice to YouTube as a result of the dispute we have with Ark Music regarding the ‘Friday’ video,” Black’s rep told TMZ. 

Via NY Daily News: Ark Music Factory, a vanity production company for aspiring young singers, produced the hit track and video earlier this year after Black’s mother bought a $4,000 package.

But according to Black’s team, she owns the rights to both the song and her image.

In April, Rolling Stone reported that a lawyer for Black and her mother sent Ark a legal letter demanding the master copies of the song and video. The letter further accused the company of exploiting the teen.

Ark denied the allegations, including that the rights of the music belong to her, but then made a bold move earlier this week when they changed the YouTube availability of “Friday.”

Instead of playing for free, the company set it up as a video rental for $2.99.

The change apparently angered Black and her team, leading to their request to have the clip removed from the site altogether.

The video might be off YouTube but it definitely served its purpose. Black joins the long list of questionable talent that has blown up because of the internets. She’ll be fine.