Ron Artest Wants To Be Called ‘Metta World Peace’

Ron Artest of the Los Angles Lakers has filed a petition in the L.A. County Superior Court to change his name.

According to TMZ, the basketball player wants to be called “Metta World Peace” and even plans on putting the new last name “Peace” on the back of his Lakers jersey. *Insert blank stare*. To each his own.

But after multiple NBA fights (Paul Pierce, Shawne Williams and basketball fans, just to name a few), it’s hard to believe the choice of name change.  Anger issues, much? 

Ron–oops! Mr. Peace, is already known for being aggressive and… different. Denying all rumors of being unstable, Ron told VIBE last year that he was only seeing a psychiatrist to help “win championships,” in which he did do in 2010 against the Boston Celtics. In a separate interview, he spoke with VIBE about his mixtapes and about blocking out the haters. He clearly doesn’t care about what people think is and is growing more confident day by day.

Artest is set to host Last Second Shot, a new reality television show that would help ex-cons and paroles rehabilitate and get a second chance at life. “World peace starts from within yourself,” a quote the athlete may have taken a little too far but seems to be acting on well.  Will he live up to it? Give us your thoughts!