Stephen Marley Talks New Album & Collabs With Buju Banton, Rakim & Dead Prez (Pg. 2)

Who would be your ultimate American artist to collaborate with?
I love Stevie Wonder. I’m a fan of country music, I’m a fan of blues. I’m a big fan of American music. They have a lot of different genres of music that I love. Hip-hop. Again, many favorites–Rakim as one. The Fruit, even though it’s a more eclectic album, I would say it has those beats you can take around to the club and feel good, but at the same time it’s coming powerful. Rakim is no joke. Dead Prez is no joke. Black Tah, again, it’s crazy.

Have you ever thought about doing a double album with your brother Damian?
Yeah. We were about to do that, but then another thing came up. We will get to it. We want to do that.

What’s the energy like between you two when you’re in recording mode?
We don’t have any competition, per se. We’re really a team. I helped Damien from a younger age and kind of groomed him so that he could be on his way and spread his wings. That respect is there with all of us. We don’t really get in a competitive thing, and if it’s there, nobody don’t really show it.

Buju Banton also makes an appearance on Part 2. What was it like recording with him before receiving the terrible news?
When he did the record was when he was out on bail. It was still [a] very emotional time. Any card could be played so we kind of cherished the time we had as good friends.

How did the news affect you?
It jerked me. When it first happened, the first part of the saga, we were in the studio maybe two days before laying down some tracks and I went to Washington to do the symposium with Damien and I got a phone call that they came and took Buju. (Describes phone call) What do you mean they came and took Buju? Who came and took Buju? Police come in. Alright, why them took Buju? This whole conspiracy thing, it really shook me because I was just with him.  

What’s your passion outside of music?
Humanity. Music is the platform that has been given to me and I’ve been blessed with that talent. Music is what I know, that’s my weapon. Why I play music is really [for an] effect on mankind. Help us in which way it does, influences you spiritually, influences you morally. That’s why I play music. I love my fellow brothers and sisters.

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