Today Is National HIV/AIDS Testing Day

Today, the National Association of People With Aids (NAPWA) encourages people to get tested at their local testing centers

NAPWA, founded on June 27, 1995, established National HIV/AIDS Testing Day in response to a steady growth of the virus, particularly amongst minorities. 

Research shows that AIDS is the no. 1 killer of black women ages 25-34, and black men who participate in homogamous sex have the highest HIV rate among all races. BET News reports that although African-Americans only make up 14 percent of the overall U.S. population, they account for more than half of all new HIV infections diagnosed each year, and are more likely to wait until they become very ill to get tested. 

With new medications that help suppress the virus, HIV/AIDS is not as deathly as it once was in the past, but an untreated infection will lead to death. The risk is not knowing.

Still, there is no definite cure for AIDS. If you are sexually active, get tested and know your status. Aliya Faust


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