Triple C’s Gunplay Talks Maybach Music’s New Artists, Business Ventures, Drugs & Staying Loyal To Ross


With all the hype revolving around the Bad Boy Ent. inspired clique Maybach Music Group, we hope people didn’t forget about the crew Rick Ross was first rolling withespecially the natty-dred guy that gives the late Basquiat a run for the best locks of all time. We’re talking about the the trigger happy one known as Gunplay of Triple C’s. VIBE caught up with the Miami rapper to discuss the new faces of Maybach Music, Triple C’s upcoming projects, as well as his own solo business ventures, which include a record company, a vixen inspired magazine and a porn company. Oh yea, Gunplay also talks about his past drug use and the “cold turkey” technique he used to beat it. Read on below! —Shabazz

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VIBE: You’re obviously still down with Rick Ross. Is that the same for Maybach Music? Are you still signed?

Gunplay: Yeah, everything’s still the same.

How do you feel about Ross signing these new cats, Meek Mill, Wale and Pill, and bringing them to the forefront?

I’ve been famous a long time, so I’m not really big on being jealous. If they shinin’, they shinin’. They’re excellent artists. They got a fanbase, so for Ross to put them out in the forefront, I like that. I hope he wouldn’t put nobody wack in the forefront. So shoutout to Meek Mill, Wale, Pill.  They getting’ it in. Talented artists.

Do you know if there’s any specific reason why he wanted to sign a group of new artists all at once?

I don’t know.  It might be political. I don’t question Ross’ business moves. I just go with the flow, ’cause at the end of the day, he is for the team. So whatever is benefiting the team, I’m with. So if that means doing things to Make Maybach Music better, then I’m cool.

As far as the Self-Made project, you have a song with Pill. Can you tell us about that?

That song [“Don’t Let Me Go”] right there is just speaking on some real talk. I lost one of my homies recently and I was thinking of him and thinking of a lotta the s**t that I been through in these streets when I was writing that record. That’s what that record called for. On some real street s**t, just trying to get out the streets and do better.

How about Triple C’s,  are you guys still a unit?

Absolutely. Nothing gon’ change.  It’s blood in, blood out. Color, Cut & Clarity the new Triple C’s should be dropping after Self-Made on Def Jam. We making moves.

How are you guys approaching the new album?

This project, you’ll really be able to see us carry the album rather than Ross carry the album. You’ll get to see all of us handle our own and hold our own on them records. As opposed to having Ross on every hook and first verse and whatever the case may be. There’s going to be a lot more Triple C creativity on this album.

Is it safe to say that Rick Ross feels like he doesn’t need to carry you all anymore? You don’t need a held hand?

I guess if that’s how it looks from the outside looking in. I hold my own. I’m my own man. I got my own son, I take care of my own family. He basically gave us an opportunity to get our own money. So I’m not looking for a handout, I’m a grown ass man. He did what he supposed to. He came in the game, showed us the ropes, he paved the way for us, and now it’s time to takeoff. Right now he’s paving the way for Meek Mill and Wale and everybody else. And take their business to the next level.

You released “Rollin” back in January, did you know Maino added a verse to that record?

Yeah, that’s much love. That’s cool for somebody to have a record that’s buzzin and people wanna actually do their own remixes to. Especially someone as established as Maino that’s a goold look for me. It feels good.

You also have a lot business ventures going on. Can you tell us about that?

My label is called Bilderberg Group. It’s powered by Maybach. We just getting off the ground. I’m finally getting to the point where it’s time to become my own boss. So Bilderberg Group is my label and slowly but surely, we’re goin’ to get this bag. We got a good squad, a nice behind the scenes team.

Do you have anybody signed?

I signed myself. So far I’m the only artist signed to my label. Me first. Me. Me. Me. Me. [laughs]

So then what is this Don Logan thing?

Don Logan is the professional Gunplay. That’s the guy that walks into the meetings, with the ties and all that stuff. That’s Don Logan, the business side. Gunplay is what you hear on the records, what you see out here in these streets. Don Logan handles his business and is about his business.


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