‘True Blood’ Recap, Tara Is Now A Lesbian Named Toni

True Blood is always full of surprises but Tara seems to be the character who goes through the most changes. Last night’s premiere of True Blood season 4 threw fans for a loop because not only has Tara moved away from Bontemps but she changed her name to Toni, she’s a cage fighter and she’s gay and has a lover! Take that!

But can you blame her? She lost Eggs, the love of her life at the end of season two and spent most of last season being held hostage by a psycho vampire. She was mum with VIBE about that particular change but in an interview with EW she opened up about what she thought when she first learned of her character’s new change:

“When I first got the script, I thought it was great. They’ve always given me stuff that challenged me as an actor and that was fun,” she says. “I think Tara — if she is going to have a love interest this season — she’s finally ready for it. She’s had time to find herself and think a little bit. I think she’s finally going to love herself in a way that is beautiful. Her self-esteem is back up and that’s opened her up to love someone else. I think she also needed a new lease on life. She totally comes back more zen, and she’s a feisty season one Tara who we all loved.”

And as shocking as the twist was for audiences, Wesley says she think it was even more so for Tara. “I don’t think she was expecting it. I think it just happened. I think it was one of those things where you just fall in love with who you fall in love with. I don’t think she labels herself as one thing or the next. She just started hanging out and the next thing you know, she was in love.”

It’s only a matter of time before Tara is forced to return to Bontemps and before she becomes angry and bitter again. How soon do you think it will happen?

In other news, Sookie still hates Bill, Eric now owns her home so he’s always invited despite her rescinded invitation and Jason was kidnapped by the werepanthers.