V Exclusive: Alex Da Kid Responds To Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator Diss

Odd Future’s off-kilter frontman, Tyler, The Creator doesn’t know how to bite his tongue. The 20-year-old rapper freely uses both his mic and hater-stacked Twitter account to go at everyone from Steve Harvey to B.o.B. One of his most recent verbal victims was Grammy award winning producer Alex Da Kid whom Tyler complained made records that sounded too identical. In particular “Airplanes” and “Love The Way You Lie.” 

Alex’s response? “Yeah, I saw that on Twitter. I think Tyler is dope. His whole thing is going around just saying what he feels and just being honest. I’m totally with people having honest opinions. I wish more people would have that,” Alex says.

“People, sometime they have an opinion but they won’t say it because it’s not politically right to do it. I don’t care if people dislike my music or like it, as long as they hear it and they have an opinion on it, then that’s the beautiful thing. That’s what arts all about. I would way prefer Tyler to hate my music, than for him to not even know who I was.”

All publicity’s good publicity right? —Alvin Blanco