V Exclusive: Kreayshawn On Signing To Columbia, Hipsters, Her Hood Pass & The White Girl Mob

Her name may be unfamiliar to most hip-hop fans, but Internet lurkers know Kreayshawn from her multi-platinum viewed viral video “Gucci Gucci.” Coming straight from the Bay Area, this 21-year old rap newbie landed herself a major record deal and millions of admirers from across the Interwebs. VIBE was allotted some face time with the fair skinned artist for deets on the Godmother of the White Girl Mob. Sucka Mcs beware! — Shabazz

VIBE: You blew up overnight, from being a “little white girl” to a viral queen, do you think that’s accurate?

Kreayshawn: I think I was more than just a “little white girl” always, but it’s definitely been crazy. It’s definitely something I’ve been building up towards just from my directing and making music. Whether it was for fun or for me and my friends, but it’s definitely interesting now that I’ve decided it to put it out there and everybody is gravitating towards it. All the press and everything has been out of control, but you gotta do it.

I heard Drake hit you up on Twitter.

I’ve hung out with a couple of different celebrities. Me and my sister V-Nasty made a song with Snoop Dogg. We’re just hanging out right now. It’s only been 3 weeks since the intense, life changing s**t.

What was that experience like, I’m sure you guys smoked and everything.

We definitely medicated ourselves. He smokes a lot more than I’m used to smoking. It was definitely an experience. I left there and “I’m like whoa what I’m doing with my life? I’m paranoid, I’m never paranoid from smoking weed. I’m too high!” [laughs] It was a studio kickback session. Me and V-Nasty made a song together. It’s like when you’re in the studio, it’s like yeah, we’re going to make a song, but then when listen to the song after, it’s like oh s**t it’s Snoop Dogg on my song.

The news is out that you’ve officially signed with Columbia Records. What made you sign with them?

Columbia is all down for the creative freedom, they want me to keep doing exactly what I’m doing. They’re telling me, ‘if you ever want to make folk music, we’ll support you making folk music,’ they trust me as an artist and I think that’s what’s important because I wasn’t making music like ‘yo I’m trying to get a record deal and this is how I’m going to make my money and this is how I’m going to live.’ It was like I was being creative and doing whatever I want and this became an opportunity so it was important for me to make sure I keep my creative freedom or it wouldn’t be something I was interested in.

A lot of people would say “Gucci Gucci” is the summer anthem for hipsters, how do you feel being attached to the hipster term?

That whole hipster thing is something I don’t see. I don’t walk around and see a whole bunch of hipsters, I know what they dress like and look like. I don’t think I have anything to do with the hipster culture, there’s gonna be a whole bunch of people who like my music and just because certain types of people like my music doesn’t mean it’s just for them. I’m making music for everybody not just for a hipster culture, but being a hipster means you’re hip I guess. So it would be nice to be hip in the end.

The video caught a lot of people’s attention, talk about your relationship with Odd Future. How does it feel to have that stamp of approval from them?

Those are my friends before anything. I’ve known Left Brain for a long time, so it’s not like they’re like ‘yo we support Kreayshaw’ they were like ‘I know Natasha, I’m going to hop in her video.’ Those are my friends—that’s all I can really say.

You were enrolled in film school at Berkeley, but with your music career blowing up how serious do you want to take your video directing?

I always want to keep my hands in every medium. I don’t want to be known as just as a rapper, because that‘s not what I was doing solely. I don’t wanna be known as somebody who’s using rap to start their directing career. I wanna just make sure that I’m playing everything evenly, like right now everything has just been so wild with all the interviews and stuff I really haven’t had time to figure out what I’m going to be able have time for with music. After all I, I did sign as a music artist. They’re telling me you can design your own logo, so yeah I’m definitely going to keep shooting videos. There’s going to be more of a budget behind it and it’s going to more of what I want to do now.

They see a white fashionable girl that’s rapping, but some people don’t realize that you are actually from the hood. What validates you as being hood?

I didn’t choose where I grew up. I was born in San Francisco and I was raised in Oakland. And that’s just how it is, I’m not running around trying to convince people I’m from the hood. It’s just that’s what people seem to be worried about. I don’t want people to know me as just a white girl rapper, I want it to be more than that. I understand because “Gucci Gucci” came out and that’s how it is and people are saying it’s a viral video and stuff like that, but this is just how I am. I’m not hella ghetto, I’m not going to come up to you and be like some crazy white ghetto chick. I know what I’m talking about, I’m smart. There’s a whole bunch of different types of people that grow up in Oakland. All different kinds of income and different kinds of races and Oakland it’s not a problem with race. I understand why outside of that people can have their opinions, but that’s whatever.

We know about The White Girl Mob and we know about V-Nasty and we know she throws around the N-word loosely. But has anyone pulled you or your homegirl’s card for using the N-word?

I’ve never said it. I don’t say it. I don’t say it in my music. I don’t say it to my partnas. People call me that, but I don’t sit there and call them that. Vanessa (V-Nasty), she’ll tell you ‘I’m from the ghetto this is where I be at, I got two kids’ and that’s what she does. She’s been in and out of jail for over a year. That’s just how she is. I’ve never seen anybody pull her card. If anybody had something to say I’ve definitely seen her handle it too. But, as for me I don’t know if people get me mixed up with V-Nasty or it’s just that we’re all in the same crew so they think it’s all together, but I don’t say it. It goes back to NWA was doing their thing, that’s just kind of just we’re just making a powerful movement. I know people are hating on The White Girl Mob, but we’re not going after anyone’s head, we’re not trying to kill hip-hop or whatever people are trying to say. I’m just trying to make a new wave of girl empowerment and girl gang and new wave Spice Girls or some s**t like that. People read into it way too deep. They gotta remember that we’re all kids just trying to have fun when it comes down to it. We can’t help where we’re from, where we’re raised, because in Oakland an Asian will call a Mexican that, a black person will call a white person that. It’s normal, because we all know where we’re from. I can see how it looks crazy from the outside.

Have you ever thought about how hard it’s going to be in a white female in this male dominated culture (of hip-hop)?

I know it’s hard, but growing up in general was hard. For me it’s just natural to do whatever I wanna do and believe that’s what’s right, because that’s what I feel like doing. I’m not going to turn back on anything because it might be hard for me. Like I said, I don’t want to be seen as just the white girl rapper. There’s one song out right now and it seems like” oh s**t she came out with a viral video and she got signed off of one song,” there’s a whole bunch of songs that I’ve been working on and they all sound different, they’re all influenced by different genres. It’s still going to have the same rap/hip-hop type of thing, but when it comes down to it I’m making music for everybody not just people who listen to rap.

You definitely have music out there, talk about your mixtape Kittys x Choppas.What’s your obsession with cats and what do you, kittys and choppas have in common?

I’m a huge cat person, I have two cats. I made Kittys x Choppas because I started a huge cat thing, because I got bit in the face by a dog a year ago. It was my second time getting bit in the face by dogs, so I was kinda like yo f**k dogs.  Out in Oakland, there’s guns everywhere, you can get a gun in any f****n size, any f****n shape, any kinda rounds you want. So Kittys x Choppas was something that went together to me.

I came across a Ustream video of you doing a freestyle and you actually dissed Wiz Khalifa. What’s the reason behind that?

That’s just me goofing off. You can’t expect for me to be completely serious, because I am just a funny person. I’m going to say whatever I wanna say. I used to half blonde/half black hair so when he did his little blonde streak I always was like Wiz Khalifa bit my swag. It was just for fun, it wasn’t like serious. I ain’t got nothing against that man.

Cali has really been coming back in the last few years, artists like Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, Odd Future, Lil B. What Cali artist are you looking forward to seeing blow up

I wanna see my partna DB Tha General do something. He’s from Oakland, he’s the hardest out. I’ve always been listening to him. I directed a bunch of videos for him when I first started doing music videos. That’s one person from the Bay and Cali that I’d love to see spread around the world.

What’s next? Is your next project called “Left Eye”?

Yeah, I’m thinking of doing a video for that next, but we’re not sure. We’re still trying to see what song would be the best to follow up “Gucci Gucci.” It’s a couple songs that we think are coming up next.

What’s the reason for the title being “Left Eye”?

The song’s basically about how you feel when you caught your man cheating. The hook goes, “Caught my man cheating now I’m going to the Westside, bout to burn his f****n house down like I’m Left Eye.” It’s a funny song about being your angry at your man and s**t.

Any last thoughts?

I want everyone to expect more and don’t think that this is just a one time thing. I understand people are gonna try and put me in a box and s**t like that. Let me in. You got no choice at this point.


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