V Exclusive: Young Chris Says He’s Been In the Studio With Jay-Z’s Nephew

Philly rapper Young Chris told VIBE in an exclusive interview that he was recently hanging out with Jay-Z’s nephew. This may come as a surprise for most, considering the sticky Roc-a-Fella break up. But nevertheless, all is well. In fact, Chris was in the studio with Ramel “Young Mel” Carter. Jay’s former protégé had been recording a verse with one of Mel’s friends in Philly.

“Jay’s nephew was in the studio with me last night. He came down to Philly,” Chris told VIBE. I did a verse with one of his homies.” He went on to explain, “That’s my extended family. Will always be. It’s always good vibes.”

Check back next week for VIBE.com’s interview with Young Chris where he talks about joining a new label, teaming up with Rico Love, his relationship with Jay-Z and State Property, his new mixtape L.I.F.E. and his upcoming solo album. —Aliya Faust