Vixen Initiation: Chloe Brings Sexuality and Free-Spirited Nature to the Forefront With ‘Free Pxxxy’ [UPDATED]

The power of the p-x-x-x-y!

Cali teen Chloe has dropped a mixtape entitled Free Pxxxy, which stands for “Parties Unlimited Single Sexy Youth.” Similar to other artists, she’s preparing a movement right now sending the message of being free-sprited, confident and did we mention super sexual? Originating in San Diego, she became a popular go-go dancer in her hometown and now stirs up the music biz with her sonic sound.

This surfer girl who shamelessly wears a bikini and plays with stuffed animals has grabbed the attention of a few major labels and can be prematurely compared to Ke$ha for her flippant attitude and raunchy, flirty lyrics.

Don’t be offended, Vixens and other readers. There’s always a lane for overtly sexual music such as this.

TAKE A LISTEN: Download Free Pxxxy here and let us know what you think!