What She Say? Amber Rose: ‘Why R They Hoes? Cuz They Look Sexy?’

Our leading lady, Amber Rose, has been quite vocal lately about a lot of things. Her latest topic of interest fell upon those who call women in music videos “video hoes.” This is an age old battle between the feminists who believe women are being exploited, the women who perfectly fine being ultra sexy to climb the career ladder and the breezies who spew stories of sexual trysts on the pages of tell-all books. It’s not up to us to tell you what to think, but A. Rose is making a pretty valid point:

“Its not fair to call Music Video Models “Video Hoes” the modeling/ fashion Industry doesn’t have many Jobs for curvy ethnic women. Why r They Hoes? Cuz they look sexy? Models in Vogue are naked all the time. What makes them better? R they not capable of being hoes also? So a Video model is a hoe for looking beautiful and dancing in a video but guys can F##k 5 girls a day and they’re cool? Come on #Shitsweak Us girls need to support each other more. Guys don’t talk about each other like we do. Its really sad.” [email protected]

What do you think?

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