What She Say? Meeka Claxton: ‘They Have Us Drinking Like Sailors So That’s The Sailor In Me’

“It’s HOT as hell out there in Miami and they have us drinking like sailors so that’s the sailor in me I guess coming out, sweating like crazy. I just definitely know who I am…[I’m a] little too secure for all of that so I laugh at them when I think that they think that I’m bothered by it. It’s like…let them hate, I really don’t care. I know who I am and I know what it is. I’m the one that’s here that’s the basketball wife.”

Meeka Claxton is the latest transplant into the Basketball Wives circus, and boy, oh boy, has she had some trouble adjusting. From saying too much and looking a bit too shiny, fans of the show (and the Evelyn-Jennifer-Shaunie trinity) have ripped her apart. However, she takes up for herself while talking to Power 92’s TT Torres.

That “sailor” comment was one of many kickers. SMH!

Watch the vid: