Why Are More African Americans Relocating To The South?


The New York Times published an article earlier this morning with research that shows more African Americans are packing up and heading for the South from Urban cities across all coasts. New York showed a particulary high rate of relocation past the Mason Dixon line in the last several years

A shift in our economy and the struggle for employment are attributed to the large number of African American families heading to states like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

About 17 percent of the African-Americans who moved to the South from other states in the past decade came from New York, far more than from any other state, according to census data. Of the 44,474 who left New York State in 2009, more than half, or 22,508, went to the South, according to a study conducted by the sociology department of Queens College for The New York Times.

The Rev. Floyd H. Flake, pastor of the 23,000-member Greater Allen African Methodist Episcopal Cathedral in Jamaica, Queens, said he was losing hundreds of congregants yearly to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

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