Will Kim Kardashian Take on the Last Name ‘Humphries’?

The big question: Will Kim Kardashian hold down the last name associated with her fame, or will she take on her husband-to-be’s name?

Kim Humphries? Eh. Kim Kardashian has a better ring to it. A ring worth 20-carats if you haven’t already heard the news. 

I guess we’ll find out which last name Kim chooses soon if she and Kris Humpries go the route of Khloe K. and Lamar Odem with a show on E!“Kim and Kris Get Married.” Or, they just might land another magazine cover story. Thanks to mama Kris (Jenner), the engaged coupled was featured on the cover of People, where they discussed the proposal.


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Do you think Kim will keep the Kardashian name going?