4 Reasons We’re Excited to See Tracee Ellis Ross on BET


At a time when quality sitcoms are a thing of the past and drama-filled reality shows are a dime a dozen, it’s rare that you discover a believable black TV actress everyone can love. Tracee Ellis Ross is just that.

The daughter of the legendary Diana Ross, Tracee is black entertainment royalty yet she has made a name all her own with the hit show Girlfriends. With her quirky personality, natural beauty and girl-next-door charm, you can’t help but adore Tracee on and off the small screen. Here are four reasons we’re excited to see her back on TV in October for BET’s Reed Between The Lines.

-She’s relatable.

As Joan on Girlfriends, Tracee Ellis Ross was a genius at capturing those embarrassing moments we all experience with dignity and a sense of humor. By the time Girlfriends ended, she was everyone’s girlfriend in their heads.

-She’s a natural beauty.

Before the natural hair craze, Tracee let her gorgeous kinky curls fly free. Her billowing ‘fro and pared-down makeup looked effortless and it showed the variety of black beauty.

-She’s stylish.

A former stylist, Tracee always looks pulled together in outfits that are chic, sophisticated and decidedly feminine. She is one of the few black actresses with style that is truly creative and unique.

-She chooses roles that show black women in a positive light.

From Joan, the hopelessly romantic lawyer on Girlfriends to Carla, the driven psychiatrist with a blended family on Reed Between The Lines, Tracee plays characters that show us at our best. Always professional, layered, family-oriented and open to love, Tracee’s characters truly do black women justice.

Why are you excited to see Tracee Ellis Ross on television again?