4 Tips For Maintaining Your Hair At The Gym


You’ve just left the hair salon and just as you approach you car, your phone rings. Your best friend’s voice greets you with a question  you really don’t want to hear.

“Hey girl, are you still going to the gym with me tonight?”

The internal conflict begins. You want to go because you value your health but at the same time you don’t want to go because you could risk sweating out your shiny, new hairstyle.

This is a sad but true dilemma that black women face after an expensive salon visit but we’ve got a few solutions to steer you toward healthy hair and a healthy body.

Check out these tips:

Use Dry Shampoo

For those days when you’re pressed for time or it’s not time for a traditional wash use a dry shampoo to get the job done. Dry shampoo soaks up oil, grease and dirt, without stripping hair, and it’s a quick option for clean hair. Just apply and comb it out! Tip: Corn mill is awesome when used as a dry shampoo!

Keep Moisturizer in Your Gym Bag

Even after breaking a seat, your hair needs a moisture boost. Use a leave-in conditioner or daily hair moisturizer after a dry shampoo. Focus on coating the tips of your hair to replenish dryness.

Wear a Headband

I learned this tip the hard way after leaving spinning class with a sleek ponytail and an afro-puff that was once sleek side-swept bangs. Protect your hair line by wearing a cotton headband to absorb perspiration and protect your roots from frizz. Tip: You can use a satin scarf as a headband by folding it, so that it has a width of about two inches and tying is around your head.

Ditch that Pony for a Bun

Since you sweat in your scalp, keeping your hair far away from your scalp and skin will help reduce the amount of sweat that hits your ends and disrupts your style. A pony with a headband is a great style to prevent your look from becoming a total mess.


-Margaret Francois

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