4 Ways To Make Office Style Simple And Chic


From Coco & Creme–Unless you have the luxury of working from home, looking your best at work is of the utmost importance. Some have flexible guidelines and only need to be groomed and presentable, while others must wear business attire day in and day out. It isn’t always easy to manage, especially on hot summer days when you would rather be in cut-offs and sandals.

Most feel restricted and bored with their choices when it comes to business attire. It becomes a tedious process and it often extracts your personal style from the equation, turning you into just another office-bound drone. Alas, some solutions are here. Check out these tips for making your office style simple and chic.

1. Focus on separates and comfortable, stylish shoes

Separates make everything in life easier. Blazers, a-line skirts, trousers: these are the pieces that office attire is made of. You can wear them over and over in new ways and no one will notice. Same thing with footwear: each season buy a comfortable, yet stylish pair of work appropriate heels and you will be set for months.

2. Create your own personal twist

You might already be stuck behind a desk, so do you really want to be stuck with boring office style? Make each outfit your own and then own it. Whether it be cinched waists or colorful blouses, give each ensemble your own personal twist and become known as the best dressed in the office.

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