6 Things Khia Should Be Doing With Her Time


Looks like Miss “My Neck, My Back” Khia is back at it again. This time she brings the cameras while she vlogs about her opinions on different celebrities in the industry. In this NSFW video Khia goes off about everyone ingeniously from the letters A through Z; from Debra Lee over at BET to Beyoncé and back to Miss Diamond Princess Trina, Khia spares nobody in her hilarious vlog.

Since entering into the game, Khia has been associated with being brash, bold and unapologetic. But before you judge her (even more), please do not think all her commentary is negative. The self-dubbed “Motor Mouf” TV spokeswoman does offer a few compliments sprinkled within.

We already know that Khia is good with her punchy one-liners and witty imagery; however, there are many things she should be doing besides making blog posts and vlogs attacking people. Like for instance:

  1. Find you a production company to work for. Looks like you don’t mind jumping in front of the camera. Your name alone will drive traffic. Take this talent to a bigger platform outside of your mediocre blog. For example, the BET Hip Hop Awards are coming up soon, see if you can guest host.
  2. If you’re going to continue making videos on YouTube, please keep them to a minimal time length. Nobody has 51 minutes to sit in front of the computer screen listening to you rant- the news isn’t even that long. And if you’re sticking with sitcom length videos, throw some commercials in it. Find some endorsements. I’m sure Black & Mild cigars, Taaka Vodka and Media Take Out would be fitting for your demographic. Promotions people! Promotions.
  3. Get back into the studio and create a solid album we can remember. No matter what they say, we were all bumping “My Neck, My Back” almost ten years ago. People actually slept on your debut CD. I didn’t though. I loved it and even had a few songs I favored. Since then you’ve came out with others but I can’t even remember one song from them but “Snatch The Cat Back.” Give us some music. Stop wasting time; only so many things you can rap about after 30.
  4. Come out and be a mentor to the new girls. Even though your album sales are pivotal, your talent still cannot be denied. Grab a hold to an upcoming female rap artist and give her a few tricks. Like Notorious B.I.G. did for Lil’ Kim, give someone your rap book filled with rhymes. Appears you have plenty of free time to write. Which leads me to…
  5. Leave Trina alone! You can continue coming for her but her work is consistent. She’s probably the only female rapper who can say she has successful albums under her belt. Squash the beef and reach out. I heard Trina’s nice. A feature with you two would really help put Florida back on the map. Slip & slide…
  6. Give us a remix or cover to “My Neck, My Back.” Stay away from PayPal and throw it on iTunes. If you get on iTunes, it will expand your audience reach and hopefully gain you some new listeners. Maybe you could get Lil’ Wayne or Drake or Kelly Rowland.

Hopefully, these tips will make Khia more focused and productive.

I would be wrong if I didn’t admit that I still believe in Khia. She is definitely talented enough to make it on her own without constantly shading others though. Even though she’s received backlash from criticizing some of our favorite working artists, she has the right to say whatever she feels. Putting popularity aside, nobody is above from criticism.

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