7 Ways To Glam Up Your Walk Of Shame


From Hello Beautiful– Okay, so maybe your morning afters aren’t the same as the typical college “stumbling from a frat house or dorm to your own place” while managing to pass at least 2 friends and a professor on the way. But, even people in relationships often find themselves struggling to fix their morning-after appearance as they head back home or go with their guy to grab bagels and iced coffees. Rather than tossing yourself into his shower that might not have your favorite flowery  products, use some of these tricks to take the walk of shame in the most stylish and classy way possible!

Big Purse: While a clutch might be more convenient and stylish for your night out, it won’t be able to properly fit all of your walk of shame essentials. Find a bag that’s big enough with secret compartments. You’ll be ready for an “unexpected” all-nighter without having to stop at the drug store on your way back!

Makeup Remover: Let’s face it, his bar soap just won’t do to get rid of your raccoon eyes, and smudged makeup is a huge no-no if you’re trying not to look like a train wreck on your walk home. Bring along some make up remover pads and you can freshen up your face right before you head out the door!

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