Airplane Passenger Kicked Off Plane For Sagging Pants, NAACP Protests In His Defense


Get up stand up… stand up for your rights even if it’s for a pair of pants hanging a tad bit too low.

Going to bat for a young man named Deshon Marman, this past Monday approximately 20 protesters stood on the outside curb of the San Francisco International Airport U.S. Airways ticket counter shouting calls of justice.

Holding a sign reading, “U.S. Airways must be sentenced repentance,” Rev. Renard Allen of San Francisco’s Third Baptist Church said the protesters, organized by the local chapter of the NAACP, were there to “protest injustice, inequity, decimation and racial profiling.”

He added, “we’re saying this will not fly in the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Marman’s ordeal gained national attention after airline employees ejected him from the flight due to his pants worn too baggy.

The 20-year-old African American San Francisco native attempted to board a U.S. Airways flight to New Mexico at San Francisco International Airport after being in town for a friend and fellow college football teammate funeral, David Henderson, who was fatally gunned down in the SF Bayview district weeks prior.

According to SF Appeal, A police man said that a flight attendant felt offended and “could see the outline of his private area” in his sweatpants. The attendant asked Marman to pull up his pants and, but of course, grieving and not feeling the set of instructions most likely due to his friend’s death, Marman refused. The stewardess complained to the captain, who threatened to throw Marman off the plane and place him under citizens arrest if he didn’t comply. Before the captain could even act on his threat, the police arrived, cuffed an already seated Marman and promptly escorted him off to jail.

Finding the incident uncalled for, this past Wednesday the charges against Marman, which included battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and trespassing, were dropped by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s office. “We do not believe that criminal charges are warranted in light of all of the circumstances surrounding the incident,” San Mateo D.A. Steve Wagstaffe announced last week.—Shabazz

Watch the footage below:

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