Are Women Just Too Hard On Themselves?


Lady Gaga has taken an unhealthy turn under the spotlights of fame. A report that landed at PopEater claims that the mother monster has become dangerously obsessed with her weight. Sources state that the singer “will stare at herself in the mirror for hours on end, analyzing and critiquing her body.” But as Lady Gaga battles Lupus and drug demons that cause her to self-scrutinize to a fault, what are the causes of women who deal with neither ailment? Are we just too hard on ourselves?

Women have a tendency to hone in on the idea of what they should or should not look like, and based upon their own notions, even the most confident woman has been known to shy away from a mirror from time-to-time. But can you blame her? As society inundates women with misogyny, female dissension and negative responses of female unity (girl power!), women are becoming more and more on the outs, not only with each other but also with themselves.


Start the conversation! Do you think women are too hard on themselves?

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