Bad Skin Habits


Want flawless even toned skin? Don’t want wrinkly and beat up skin years down the line? It is important for you to begin caring for your skin now, to prevent bad skin in the future. In order to jumpstart your healthy skin movement, there are bad skin habits that you must forgo. Here’s a list of the worse skin habits that you must kick in order to start your path to healthy beautiful skin.

Dirty Make-up Brushes:

It is important to wash your make-up brushes every three weeks. If you skip washing your brushes, which is sometimes very easy to do, you put yourself at risk for pimples and blemishes- not to mention possible bacterial infections.

Sleeping with Your Makeup on:

Most nights you’re so tired, that you jump right into bed without washing your face. Bad. Leaving your makeup on at night clogs your pores, resulting in oil buildup, zits and acne.

Your Diet:
Eating junk food with a lot of sugar and salts can really pay a toll on your skin. Highly processed and fatty foods can lead to major breakouts. Instead of grabbing a bag of salty potato chips, reach for healthy fats like avocado, peanut butter and nuts.

Popping your Pimples:
Once you spot a pimple, it can be very tempting to pop it right then and there. Don’t do it. Popping a pimple only pushes the bacteria further into your skin causing the inflammation to get larger, deeper and in many cases, causes scarring.

What are some bad skin habits you plan to kick? Let us know.

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