Bart Scott Launches ‘Can’t Wait’ Campaign To Raise Funds For Injured Rutgers Footballer


Bart Scott, linebacker of the New York Jets has announced his fundraising campaign which will help local Rutgers Football player, Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed from the neck down last season while making a tackle. Scott is using his “Can’t Wait” slogan for the campaign.

Via The Press Release: Scott received significant media attention in a post game interview with ESPN when he proclaimed he “Can’t Wait” to meet next week’s opposing team in the NFL playoffs. As such, the player thought it would be a good idea to use the momentum he has built with the catchphrase to help someone in need. The result is a collection made up of four limited edition t-shirt designs, 1200 in all, with every single dollar from sales going towards the Eric LeGrand Patriot Saint Foundation.

“I want to do something for him, to help him. I hope we’ll sell out the shirts quickly so we can get the money to him because things are expensive with his care, and I know there are many needs. For instance, he needs to refit the doors at his house for his wheelchair,” says Scott.

Imagine if that were you or your relative in need. Help spread the word!

Can’t Wait T-shirts are on sale starting today on, at Tri-State retailer Dr. Jays, Brooklyn retailer Vinnies Styles and Baltimore retailer D.T.L.R.