Beauty 411: Ketta Vaughn Speaks On Cosmetics Line & Shares Fave Beauty Trends


Makeup artist Ketta Vaughn is a silent grinder, and you know why? Because she created the very first pink lipgloss that works for my chocolate complexion! But besides introducing me to A-list from her self-titled makeup line, she’s a ball of hidden talents up for record label grabs (we’ll talk about her rapping career later). When she’s not on the mic or whipping up ideas for her beauty collection, she’s busying herself with Lisa Price’s face. Yes! The Carol’s Daughter commander-in-chief taps the DC native for the glamour she readily needs.

VIBE Vixen had to find out what this girl was all about.

Six years ago, the lover of makeup and MAC associate began her fervent mission to bridge her love for music and the beauty world’s sliest fox–makeup.


When did it hit you that you had to make beauty your career?
I didn’t go to school for it. I just knew I had to do it. I had a love for it and a talent for it but, I really had a setback. When I first got hired, six months after, they let me go because I let a girlfriend of mine use my discount to get these boots that she wanted. One of the sales representatives at the shoe department got pissed because they were helping her find the shoe, so they went and told the store manager that I let somebody use my discount and they let me go. I was crushed.

Aw, man.
Yes, crushed, crushed, crushed. So, I went and got an office job for about a year. A year later, the [MAC] manager found a way to slide me back in as a freelancer, which was cool because I didn’t like working at a department store anyway. I wanted to work directly with MAC. I was working as a freelancer, then I finally got a job at a MAC store instead of working at a counter. It was a blessing in disguise. I worked there forever and ever, until 2003. In 2003, I got a record deal with LL Cool J.

I had to transfer and move to New York, so I could record and work with him; I’m originally from DC, so I moved and transferred to MAC here in New York. I just spent a lot years working and working and didn’t really see anything coming from working with MAC, other than the great experience. I learned a lot.

How did you begin the process of taking things into your own hands?
I just started researching ways to start a brand. It’s funny because I’ve been doing Lisa Price’s makeup for five years now, and her assistant actually came into the MAC store. This was when they were getting ready to open up the Carol’s Daughter store in Roosevelt Field. Her assistant came in and said, ‘Oh, I love your makeup. It looks phenomenal. Could you do my eyes like that?’ So I did her eyes and she said, ‘I’m Lisa Price’s assistant, and we’re getting ready to open up a store here in Roosevelt Field, but I really want you to do her makeup. Do you think you could meet up with her for a trial?’ So I met with her, and it was really all she wrote from there. I started doing her makeup for all her press, all her events and things like that. Then eventually, I started doing a lot of their corporate stuff too.

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