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1. ) During the summer months, the heat and humidity cause my face to get extremely shiny. How do I keep my makeup from becoming greasy and melting off?

There are a few different options that will allow you to combat shine during the scorching summer heat! You can start by using an oil-free primer, prior to foundation application. Primer not only allows for a smoother application of your makeup, but gives it something to hold onto which will result in longer-lasting wear. “Oil-Free” variations will work throughout the day to combat shine before it reaches the surface.

Try: Yves Saint Laurent’s “Matt Touch” Primer

Once makeup has already been applied, products such as mattifying gel and blotting papers will help to keep sweat and oil-production to a minimum. Dab the gel with fingertips, or press oil-absorbing papers onto key areas such as the forehead, upper cheekbones, and chin. Both will reduce any surface shine, without smearing your foundation.

Try: Laura Mercier’s “Secret Finish – Mattifying” and Boscia’s “Fresh Blotting Linens”

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