Bebe’s Kids 2011: Octomom’s Brood Wilds Out On “TODAY Show”

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Nadia “Octomom” Suleman brought nine of her 14 kids to the TODAY Show where they grilled her about how she supports her tribe. She brought her her octuplets, who are now about two and one of her oldest kids, who is nine.

The nine-year-old was well-behaved but parents already know that toddlers do what they want, so imagine trying to manage eight tots on a tv set…

Like clockwork, Suleman’s kids’ attention spans shorted out, which resulted in them running amok on set. It was rather hilarious, especially Ann Curry’s awkward attempts to feign poise.

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Lol at the Octomom trying to convince the public and herself that her two-year-olds don’t act like that at home. They didn’t seem bad, they were just doing what babies that age do.