Beyonce Goes Cosmic, Gives Atlantis Shuttle Crew A Wake Up Call


From Clutch–For the folks who thought Beyonce’s star couldn’t get any brighter- there’s this.

Yesterday, the megawatt performer gave the crew of the NASA space shuttle, Atlantis, a wake up call with cosmic reach. Beyonce pre-recorded a message for the astronauts backed with her “Run The World (Girls)” track. In the wake up call Beyonce, a Houston native, said:

“Good morning Atlantis, this is Beyonce – you inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams, to know that we’re strong enough and smart enough to achieve them.”

She then went on to make special mention of female crew member Sandy Magnus, saying:

“This song is especially for my girl Sandy and all the women who’ve taken us to space with them and the girls who are our future explorers.”

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