Black Rob Talks New Album, Getting Back To Rap And Wanting To Collab With 50 Cent and Dr. Dre


24-hours after Black Rob released his comeback album Game Tested, Streets Approved, VIBE sat down with Spanish Harlem’s own for the Straight Eight. Ready, set,…go! —Derryck “Nes” Johnson.


1. VIBE: After so much success with Bad Boy and all the rough personal experiences, how does it feel to get back to your craft with a new label situation and new start? 

Black Rob: It’s refreshing, just to be able to do what I enjoy doing. I thank Duck Down for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. I have always respected what they did in this game.

2. How did you link up with Duck Down records? 

My man Coptic spoke with my manager and myself and informed us that Duck Down may be interested in that next B.R project. We had a meeting and the rest is history.

3. With the Dipset reunion, new music by Jim Jones, Cam, Vado and Jae Millz, what’s Harlem feeling like these days in regards to the music scene?

To be honest, Harlem has always been on the scene one way or another. Harlem has always been about making that feel good music. That’s what’s going on now. Myself, Jim, Cam, and Vado. I really haven’t heard anything from Millz tough, but I rocks with homie.

4. What can the listeners expect from your Duck Down records debut? What’s the title & drop date?

Classic Black Rob. True and real Hip Hop. I’ve been hearing a lot of the fans saying that they want real music and lyrics, well Game Tested, Streets Approved is just that. Go get that! Trust me when I tell you,  it’s crazy. I put a lot of work into that. That’s an album you can listen straight through and not skip any tracks. In fact you will have to listen to it over and over again.

5. What producers handled production on your current project? 

Of course I got Buckwild on there, Coptic, Bishop, and Self Service. There are a few other surprises too.

6. Is there any artist(s) or producer(s) you haven’t gotten the chance to work with you would love to collaborate with in the near future?

I don’t really like to put names out there like that, but I will say this, I think the people would love to hear 50 and myself on a Dr. Dre track.

7. Give me 3 things people may not know about Black Rob…the person and artist?

Real, True, and LOYAL!!!

8. How is this time around for Black Rob going to be different then your previous run in the game?

Well as for me, I’m much mature and smarter now and just running with a different engine now. Duck Down. Then when you hear the things I’m saying on this project you will see. Make sure you get that. I also want to add this, let’s show them that good music still does exist. The only way to show them is by supporting good music people. Buy the album and don’t bootleg. That’s why rock, country, and other genre be winning because their fans purchase their music!

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