Bottoms Up! Brooklyn Artist KAWS Teams Up With Hennessy


Last night Brooklyn based artist KAWS, best known for his Original Fake toy sculptures and signature x-eyes, debuted his most refreshing and toast worthy collaboration to date–a limited edition Hennessy bottle.

A crowd of peers and fans gathered at the New Museum for the festivities.

“Hennessy had this project mind, and they had seen another project I had worked on. So they approached me and wanted to see if I was interested in combining our talents.” KAWS told VIBE about how the partnership came to light.

This is not your dad’s bottle of Hennessy! Anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this custom piece of swag (limited run of 420,000) will notice a cartoon inspired label and the artists signature “x x” tag square on the bottle neck. An ode to moonshine? Perhaps, but the real treat comes on the back of the bottle, with words of wisdom from the artist himself. A note that reads:

“Friends work music art Its important to find the right blend…KAWS..”

–Robbie Sokolowsky


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