Brandy Exclaims This Is Her Last Chance, Do You Agree?


It has been a while since we’ve seen Brandy’s name grace the charts. Since the 90s where we remember Brandy in her prime, we have yet to see her peak again. You cannot deny her talent but however something is just not working in favor for the R&B songstress.

In the new documentary titled ‘On My Own,’ Brandy plans to document and connect with fans by giving a behind the scenes look. Brandy exclaims, “This is my last opportunity!” During the video she discusses future plans to collaborate with fans on her next project, dealing with being a single working mother, and constant failures faced in the industry and personal life.

Check out the video trailer:

Are we ready for a Brandy comeback? Do you agree with her, is this her last chance? Share your thoughts.

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