The Break-Up: 5 Theories On Why Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez Are Getting a Divorce


Theory 1: J-Lo got mad when Marc swagger-jacked her by getting on a song with Pitbull.

Do you have any idea how long it took J-Lo to land on a hit single for her new album, Love? Hell, her last single, “Louboutins,” was so bad that it actually forced her previous record label Sony to drop her from their roster. So imagine what J-Lo was thinking after she scored a huge hit with her Pitbull-assisted single, “On the Floor,” earlier this year and then turned around and saw her husband do the same exact thing by jumping on Mr. Worldwide’s new single, “Rain Over Me,” last month. The nerve! Only question left: Who gets to keep Pit in the divorce proceedings? Ha! We keed, we keed.